Moonshot means launching a lunar probe, innovative project. It is the name of an innovative company that makes miracles with innovation and sincerity.

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About Us

Moonshot means the launch of a lunar probe, but it also means an innovative project. In 1962, President John Kennedy wanted to see the moon better
Instead of improving the performance of the telescope, I thought of creating a probe that could go to the moon.

Rather than simply creating innovative thinking that seems impossible,
The ability to execute this immediately is called Moonshot Thinking.


  • Moonshot is innovation!

    President John F. Kennedy wanted to observe the moon better.
    Rather than improving the performance of the telescope, make
    a probe that can go directly to the moon.
    Like this, MOON SHOT goes further from "Moon Probe's Launch"
    "I realize things that seem impossible through innovative thinking."is...
    It has meaning. Moonshot Optics, as I thought of the lunar probe,
    It's not just about designing and manufacturing products.
    I want to be creative about each product
    It adds innovation to the moon shot.

  • Moonshot is miracle!

    Moonshot was taken after Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon
    for the first time. No matter how big a plan is, if you keep
    working hard towards your goal, The meaning expands to mean that
    it will happen someday. For those who want to achieve something,
    Moonshot is the best value and romance. Moonshot makes
    dreams that everyone had at least once a reality.
    I hope the blurry dreams that were not clearly visible through the Moonshot Optic will become clearer.
    Moonshot is a place where a lot of people challenge for the future.
    I support you so that you can dream.

  • Mooshot is sincerity!

    Moonshot Optics pursues sincerity rather than showing packaging
    In a way, the truth is very simple and crude.
    But it has more power than anything else
    Moonshot Optics simply sells glasses.
    If not, I will be a companion who looks at the same place as someone and walks together.
    The truth that you can feel even though you can't see
    It is the greatest value and asset pursued by Moonshot Optics.


    Business Area

    Glasses, contact lenses and accessories / e-commerce business
    export business / general merchandise wholesale business

  • Project

    Build a manufacturer directly in the East Sea Free Trade Zone.

    Improved industrial development through collaboration.
    A collaborative manufacturer and a subsidiary research institute, Moonshot Research Institute,
    I'm going to improve the sandwich technique and study new coating materials and methods.
    It complements the problems that can occur when wearing contact lenses for a long time.
    Various designs and materials, such as reducing production costs through direct manufacturing,
    You can try to manufacture contact lenses.

  • 641-28 Saimdang-ro, Gangneung-si. Moonshot Optical, Room 211.
  • Donghae-si Industrial Complex 1-ro 177 Free Trade Zone Management Building 106 Room106 (Donghae branch)